Yoga has become a word synonymous with health, vigour, stress free living and eternal youth. For me yoga is many things, but mostly it is a journey, sometimes challenging sometimes laid back. As well as teaching us just how deeply we store emotions, memories and experiences in our physical makeup, it gives us the tools to shift and clear some of that baggage.

Our bodies are designed to move from a point of balance, unfortunately the demands of living in todays full on society sees us move further and further away from that balance. Constant stress sees us set up coping strategies which can range from tightened shoulders to increased alcohol consumption. Either way, it is generally just a matter of time before a quick fix becomes a habit and we find ourselves living with one form of medication to relieve physical symptoms, and another to help us deal with emotional symptoms.

Yoga very simply helps us to unravel deeply imbedded patterns, whether it is through the use of posture work or breathing techniques. As our bodies unwind, so our minds begin to benefit. We learn to respond not react to situations. Sleep becomes easier and we wake up feeling refreshed. As tension moves away from necks, shoulders and backs, movement becomes freer. Stress stored within the body is also addressed; anxiety attacks, IBS and depression can all be alleviated. The controlled release and movement of the body’s structure provides both physical and emotional benefits. Learning to control your breathing patterns will enable you to still your mind when necessary, and move you to a place of deep relaxation.

I offer private classes tailored to address physical or emotional patterns that you may wish to change.