As the demands of daily life become ever more complex and expectations increase, the ability to maintain a healthy work/life balance is slowly being eroded. More than a third of employee absence is stress related – this impacts not only on the individual involved but also on their colleagues and family members.
Leading employers now recognise and respect the need to educate staff on how to manage stress both mentally and physically, this can be done by offering one to one sessions or training days and workshops.
I provide a number of different workshops aimed at raising awareness on how stress is stored within the body, the effect it has on our ability to function at an optimum level, and how to use simple tools to both manage and alleviate it.

Yin Yoga Workshop at Harper Studios - June 9th 2013

To reserve a place or for more information please contact Trisha Hills by email

Shiatsu Workshop

A great fun two hour workshop designed to complement staff training days. Participants learn basic shiatsu techniques to use on themselves or others to release tension and fight fatigue.

Understanding Stress

Stress is only damaging when it overpowers. This workshop can be tailored to last 2 or 4 hours, participants gain the tools and self awareness necessary to manage their work/life balance.

Corporate Work

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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